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Fans of 1x2
[FIC] GW - "A Sharp-Dressed Man" for Asia's bday! 
13th-Oct-2006 01:13 am
FMA - Lust - Wicked
Title: A Sharp-Dressed Man
Author: WickedGame
Genre: fluff, romance
Pairing: 1=2 or 2+1
Rating: PG
Warnings: not beta-read.
Notes: Written for asia’s bday!! She asked for a fluffy little first kiss fic and this was what popped out!

Duo looked up as Heero walked in the door. His partner’s face was a thundercloud and Duo wondered what had gone so wrong on this date. “Why are you home so early?”

Heero glared at him briefly before stopping to blow his bangs out of his face. “It’s nothing. Just…it wasn’t such a good date.”

Duo wished that he had the guts to tell Heero that if the he had just gone out with Duo then it would have been an excellent date. Instead, he just inquired as to why it wasn’t a good date.

“He told me how good I looked in this outfit,” Heero said slowly.

Duo looked Heero up and down. Black shoes under black jeans that rode low on the hips, a longer white t-shirt that fit closely but not so snug as to be vulgar, and a blue striped button down that made Heero look very put together; how could that be considered anything but a good outfit? “So? You always look very put together when you go out.”

“Thanks, but that’s not what he was talking about. He kept going on about how hot I was and then he started talking about how the Preventer uniform does nothing for my looks.” Heero sat down next to Duo on the couch and pulled off his shoes. With a grunt he tossed them into a corner and leaned back to cross his hands behind his head.

Duo didn’t know what Heero’s date had been talking about. Heero looked good in anything, but Duo always thought he looked hot as hell in his Preventer uniform. Those military issue boots, the dark brown slacks that only highlighted his golden skin, the olive green shirt that fit so crisply, the darker green tie that only highlighted his lickable neck and the matching jacket that just did something so indescribable to Duo even though he didn’t feel the same way about anyone else wearing the same jacket…Duo sighed slightly and then looked at Heero. “What did he say, exactly?”

“He said the slacks didn’t flatter my…” Heero stopped and chewed his lip for a minute.

“Hmm?” Duo was curious as to what this idiot said to Heero.

“He said that the slacks didn’t do my ass any favors.” Heero almost looked embarrassed.

“He’s an idiot. Those slacks make your ass look amazing!” Duo clapped his hand over his mouth and cursed the impulsiveness of his speech.

Heero looked at Duo like he had grown another head. “What?”

“You heard me.” Duo blushed and stared at his hands.

“You think my butt looks amazing?” Now Heero’s tone was curious and serious at the same time.

“I think you look amazing. Doesn’t matter what you’re wearing or what you doing, you always look amazing to me.” Duo sighed and stood up. To his surprise, Heero stood up as well.

Duo turned toward Heero and opened his mouth to apologize, but was stopped by a slim finger on his lips.

“I think you do too, you know? Look….amazing. You always have.”

Duo looked into deep blue eyes and saw nothing but truth there. He pursed his lips and kissed the fingertip that was resting against them. He heard Heero suck in a sharp breath and he stared right at Heero.


Heero lowered his finger and brought his own face closer to Duo’s. “No more bad dates?”

Duo shook his head and looped his arms around Heero’s neck. “Better not be. I’m sick and tired of seeing you come home all depressed.” Their lips touched gently and tentatively before parting carefully. Duo smiled. “It’s better that you just stay with me and let me shower you with compliments.”

Heero chuckled and nodded in agreement. That was something he could definitely go along with.

-The End-

13th-Oct-2006 08:07 pm (UTC)
I already commented several other places but thanks thanks thanks~~~ (^3^) *chu*
13th-Oct-2006 08:50 pm (UTC)
you don't have to thank me everywhere honey! it's a pleasure just to see that you liked it. :-) happy birthday!
(Deleted comment)
14th-Oct-2006 05:49 am (UTC)
i'm glad!!
14th-Oct-2006 03:50 pm (UTC)
oh the fluffiness! this was really cute. thanks for sharing the bday love! that other guys must be blind, heero's ass is adorable in anything! hmmph.
14th-Oct-2006 04:37 pm (UTC)
why thank you! (and yes, heero's ass is adorable in nothing anything.)
15th-Oct-2006 12:48 am (UTC)
another wickedgame success^^, I adored it!
15th-Oct-2006 03:54 am (UTC)
success? wow. thank you!
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